Home Series

Unsure which is best for you? Learn more about our Collector Series. Alternatively, compare both our series here.

the print that fits every walland every pocket. 

Our Home Series is a statement of democratic intent: taking the stunning quality and exacting detail of our next-level Collector Series, and putting it in the handsand on the wallsof many people as possible. 


maximum quality, zero compromise.  

A smaller, more accessible print without cutting corners. It’s all there: the breathtaking resolution. The feel and the texture of the Hahnemühle canvas. The unparalleled ink adhesion, the vivid colours, the precise gradations and the deep, luscious blacks. Some call it overkill. We call it the best print we know how to make.


freedom to choose. and choose. and choose.  

You don’t have to have the first idea where your new picture might go, because our Home Series is designed to fit anywhere. From spaces you’ve been waiting to fill to corners you haven’t even considered yet, the choice is yours.


the perfect size to give (or keep).

Our Home Series prints are the perfect size for giving. Meticulously crafted to fit in any wall, corner, nook, or cranny, they’re perfect for any spot you can imagine… and even better for the ones you can’t. 


signed, sealed, delivered, they're yours. 

Our Home Series won't be individually signed and numbered will they? What gallery would want the extra effort? Put simply; we would. We take you putting our work on your walls really seriously, and think your art deserves exactly the same care and attention. The artists agree, and so you'll find their mark on every single artwork we sell, without compromise. 


unmistakeable quality. in your hands, on your wall. 

We’ve brought the same premium craftsmanship of our Collector Series, with zero sacrifice to fit and feel. The same framers, using the same materials with the same careful attention to detail makes our Home Series the premium choice for the palm of your hand.


front and centre (with nothing to hide).

Invariably, prints get hidden behind glass. Glass that gets dusty, glass that breaks, glass that's covered in so many reflections you can barely see your picture. The best glasswhich never smudges, never cracks and never obscures your artwork—is the glass you don't use at all. Because with art this good, we don't want anything to stand in its way.


we've got you covered.

Each of our prints is protected using UV-resistant varnish, so you can enjoy deepened blacks and enriched colour, with added protection from airborne pollutants, UV damage or fading, for years to come.


the home series. everybody’s welcome.

Our Home Series is an entirely new category of fine art print. Designed for everyone and every wall, it’s a superior product that's friendly on your pocket without resorting to cut corners and inferior quality. For the first time, less is much, much more, and everybody’s welcome.