Collector Series

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you won’t believe your eyes.

With our Collector Series, we wanted to advance the state of the art, and produce nothing less than the Rolls Royce of signed, limited-edition prints. We very deliberately set out to create something we’d want to collect ourselves, and like no print you’ve ever seen before.


zoom. and enhance.

We’ve taken capturing the original works to the next level. By photographing the original painting in individual sections at maximum resolution, we reveal levels of detail previously unseen by the human eye.


works that stand the test of time, and beyond.

Our high-resolution matte ink jets, using wide-gamut Ultrachrome HDX and HDR archival inks, ensure unparalleled ink adhesion, vivid colours, precise gradations and deep, luscious blacks, for exceptional colour reproduction and true archival quality. 


because feeling is believing.

Using carefully selected 370gsm Hahnemühle canvas, with its incredible feel and texture, our limited editions are printed onto higher-quality canvas than most artists use for their originals.


hand signed, with love.

With each print made to order, our artists can inspect each work at a time, before individually hand-signing and numbering each piece in a highly limited run of only 75 editions worldwide.


cutting frames, not corners.

Our framers are some of the very best in the business. From premium frames to box canvas stretcher bars, our solid wooden frames are assembled and hand-finished here in the UK by the same master craftsmen we use for our original paintings.


see the whole picture. 

Galleries use glass to protect lower-quality prints, and upsell you using terms like “non-reflective” and “museum-quality”. The reality is that glass ends up covered in dust and fingerprints, and you see more glare and reflection than the picture you love. The glass that never smudges, never cracks and never obscures your artwork is the glass you never use at all. We want your pictures to sing, so you’ll never find glass obscuring any of our art.


UV protection baked in.

We use specially formulated UV-resistant varnish to protect your canvas against airborne pollutants, UV damage and fading, giving you a stunning finish for years to come, and peace of mind that no matter what life throws at your art, we've got it covered.   



limited editions. unlimited potential.

We’ve taken our years of experience to produce premium, luxury artwork you'll be proud to display in your home. Forget what you know: these are next-level prints, available to everyone.